Bosch PXY875DE3E 80cm Serie 8 Induction Hob


Availability: Call 01322 344100 /
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Availability: Call 01322 344100 /
020 84667776 for stock details.

Manufacturer Parts:
Manufacturer Labour: 2 Years
The induction hob with PerfectCook and PerfectFry: achieve optimal results thanks to automatic temperature control.

DirectSelect Premium: Direct, simple selection of the desired cooking zone, power and additional functions.
PerfectFry: For perfect browning of roasted foods thanks to sensor control with 5 power levels.
PerfectCook: Prevents overcooking and boiling over by precise controlling the cooking temperature.
Expanded FlexInduction Zone: Even more flexibility by connecting the cooking zones into one big zone, which you can make even larger for the big pots.
Induction: Fast, precise cooking, easy cleaning and low energy consumption.

Cooking starts much faster.

The QuickStart function detects where you have placed the pot and automatically displays the corresponding cooking zone on the control interface. You can get started straight away and select the desired cooking level for your pot without delay.

Endless flexibility, one result: perfection.

You can use your hob like a regular induction hob with four separate cooking zones or connect it to create two large, continuous FlexInduction zones. This creates additional space to place your cookware on, no matter what size or shape – any way you want it. Thanks to the extended FlexInduction zone, even particularly large pots and pans measuring 30 cm in diameter will have plenty of space alongside 40 cm-long roasting dishes and accessories.

Controlling the hob made easy.

If you move a pot from one cooking zone to another when cooking, the temperature level does not need to be individually adjusted. Instead, the new cooking zone adopts the old cooking heat and time settings – all it takes is a touch of a button to confirm.

Achieve the best frying results. The perfect steak. Here’s a shortcut.

The temperature is crucial for frying. Too high will make even the best steak fry too quickly or scorch it. No matter how you like to eat it - rare, medium or well-done: frying meat is made simple now. PerfectFry sensor regulates temperatures continuously during frying and adjusts them precisely if needed.

Boost your cooking

Sometimes you just need a little extra boost when cooking. The improved PowerBoost function in Bosch`s induction hobs adds even more power to speed up the cooking process. For example, you can now boil 2 litres of water almost 50% faster as you would on conventional glass-ceramic hobs.

Preprogrammed culinary success.

MoveMode makes cooking fully intuitive and comfortable. In the past, you cooked up your soup on level 9, made it simmer on level 5, then on level 1. whilst adjusting temperatures yourself using regular hobs. Now FlexZones as well as CombiZones with MoveMode do the job for you. Activating MoveMode divides these Zones into three different areas with pre-set power levels 1, 5 and 9.

Fry faster.

PanBoost heats up pans and coated pots even faster - without having to worry about damage from too much heat. You can select the PanBoost functionality easily via the user interface. So your pan is ready for roasting within 30 seconds.

Boiling over is a thing of the past.

The right temperature is crucial for achieving the perfect cooking results. A few degrees too high will make your risotto burn, milk boil over or sausages burst. PerfectCook controls and regulates the saucepan temperatures automatically during cooking, finally putting an end to overcooking, scorching and boiling over.


Profile trim (front facette with side trim)
Can be installed with a Bosch domino hob

Special features

4 induction cooking zones
extended FlexInduction zone
DirectSelect Premium touch control
Electronic display
MoveMode (3 levels)
Automatic setting transfer
Variable 17-stage power settings for each zone
Timer for all zones
Timer - shows how long the cooktop is in use
Count up timer per cooktop
Automatic pan recognition sensor
Automatic safety shut off
Control panel lock
Control panel lock function
QuickStart function
ReStart function
Energy consumption display
Cable included
Connection cable 110 cm
Connected load: 7.4 kW
Power and size:
Cooking zones: 1 x Ø 400 mmx230 mm, 3.3 KW (max. Power levels 3.7 KW) Induction or 2 x Ø 200 mm, 2.2 KW (max. Power levels 3.7 KW) Induction; 1 x Ø 400 mmx230 mm, 3.3 KW (max. Power levels 3.7 KW) Induction or 2 x Ø 200 mm, 2.2 KW (max. Power levels 3.7 KW) Induction
Min. worktop thickness: 30 mm

Safety Features

2 stage residual heat indicator for each zone
Main on/off switch


PerfectFry sensor with 5 temperature settings
PerfectCook sensor
1 x wireless temperature sensor for cooktop included.


PowerBoost function for all zones

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Heating type - Electric hob
Type of control setting and signalling devices - Direct Select 2.0, front
Safety device - childproof lock, Key Lock, pan recognition, Power management function, Safety time-switch-off
Highlights - 17 power levels, DirectSelect Premium , Extended flexinduction, Flexinduction, fryingSensor Plus, Keep warm function, PerfectCook, PerfectFry, powerBoost
Energy consumption of hob - 185.0 Wh/kg
Power consumption standby/display off - 0.5 W


Home Connect - Yes
Connectivity type - Bluetooth

Construction type

Color of surface - Black
Installation type - Built-in
Number of electric plates - 0
Number of electric cooking zones - 2
Type of frame - Facette fro+rear,side profiles
Number of gas burners - 0
Number of halogen plates - 0
Installation type - Built-in
Total number of positions that can be used at the same time - 4
Number of radiant plates - 0
Number of electric warming zones - 0

Size and weight

Dimensions of the product (mm) - 51 x 816 x 527 mm
Net weight (kg) - 17.223 kg

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