Manufacturer Parts: 12
Manufacturer Labour: 12
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Sharp R82STMA Microwave Oven


Availability: Call 01322 344100 /
020 84667776 for stock details.

Availability: Call 01322 344100 /
020 84667776 for stock details.

Manufacturer Parts: 12
Manufacturer Labour: 12
Increase your cooking options with this amazing 3 in 1 microwave. It has a convection oven and grill, for complete flexibility at mealtimes.

Flexible Cooking

The R82STMA offers powerful microwaving, convection cooking, grilling and defrosting. There’s almost nothing it can’t do.

This microwave an ideal addition to your cooker, offering a little extra space for those big meals or an energy-saving alternative for smaller ones. The convection oven has a temperature range of 150 – 240oc, with 2400W of pure power. You’ll wonder how you ever coped without it.

Manually select a function and power level, and choose whether you’d like to cook by time or weight. You can also combine different methods – reach high temperatures fast with microwave cooking, then brown on top with the grill or convection functions. Achieve the best of both worlds in the touch of a button.

There are also 10 Auto Programmes on hand for a little extra help. These let you simply choose the food you’re cooking and await the amazing results. Pizzas are perfectly crisped, meat is succulent and cakes fluffy and golden.

Prone to forgetting meal accompaniments? The delay start function helps you plan. Place your sauce or veg inside the microwave, and relax in the knowledge it’ll be ready when you are.

Outstanding Design

The 25 litre capacity is great. A 31.5cm turntable will fit in your larger dishes, and the additional racks help you tweak the height for the best results.

Setting the microwave couldn’t be easier. There are big buttons, and a clear LED screen which will count down the time until your meal is ready. The clock standby display is handy when you’re not using the microwave. A child lock function prevents the little ones from doing any damage.

Stainless Steel Style

Sharp’s stainless steel finish will look great on your kitchen counter, and it’s robust and practical too. It’s continued inside, so food spillages wipe away in seconds.

Sharp’s R82STMA convection microwave is an outstanding addition to any kitchen. Order yours today.
Key features

25 litre capacity - great for all households
10 pre-programmed automatic menus - for ease of use
Digital control with 5 power settings

Product Dimensions

Height: 30.5 cm
Width: 51.3 cm
Depth: 46.6 cm

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