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Delivery and Returns

Wellingtons (Erith) Ltd currently offer free delivery to selected UK locations. Where a customer resides outside of the free delivery area we recommend contacting the store on 01322 344100 or to discuss the delivery options, and to receive a quote for delivery. Prices for all goods do not include delivery unless otherwise stated. All prices quoted include UK VAT at 20% where applicable. We reserve the right to refuse orders. Any return carriage charges will be at the customers cost in the first instance. On inspection, should a product be found to be faulty, then the return carriage costs will be reimbursed. We will gladly exchange products for "non-fault" reasons, but you will be liable for all subsequent carriage charges. All payments must be in UK Sterling.

Delivery Timescales

Wellingtons (Erith) Ltd will deliver all purchased goods within a window of 7 days. Wellingtons (Erith) Ltd will contact all customers immediately after a sale has been made to confirm the delivery details.