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We are happy to tell you that we are taking another step forward and resuming our installation service for your essential electrical appliances.

Telephone and online orders continue to be taken, and have set out our protocols to maintain health and safety of our staff and customers. This is set out below.  

As a thank you to our local key workers, we are delighted to offer free local delivery, installation and disposal of your old appliance. Please let us know your role when you call (proof will be needed). 

Wellingtons Electricals Covid-19 Protocol – Delivery and Installations


At Wellingtons we continue to review and adapt to the changing situation and government advice.  The safety of our staff and customers remains paramount and, with this in mind, we have developed the following procedures to protect us all.

  1. We require all products and services to be prepaid wherever possible
  2. When making a purchase, or booking an installation, all customers should be advised that social distancing MUST be adhered to at all times. This will require customers to leave the room until our team have completed the job and have left the premises.
  3. Customers will be asked if anyone in their household is presenting any symptoms of coronavirus as outlined by the UK government and Public Health England. These include a raised temperature or cough. If anyone has symptoms, the call will be cancelled and rescheduled.
  4. On the day of the appointment, customers will be called before the scheduled appointment and points 2 & 3 will be reiterated.
  5. Staff will wear protective gloves and face mask for the entirety of the appointment.
  6. All products should be wiped down with anti-bacterial cleaning wipes before both entering and leaving the property.
  7. Staff will dispose of gloves and masks in a safe manner, followed by an application of hand sanitiser.
  8. Upon return to shop premises, staff should dispose of used equipment in the bins provided and wash their hands.
  9. The delivery van steering wheel, handles etc should be wiped clean and sprayed with antibacterial spray after each appointment.

UPDATE 15th April 2020

We are pleased to be able to offer a reduced service from today.

 Orders for your essential electricals can now be made by telephone or through our website, for doorstep delivery. 

  • Our shops will remain closed for now, but we are able to provide a limited service.  
  • The health and safety of our staff and customers remain our top priority, and we are strictly adhering to hygiene and safety requirements. 
  • We are able to make doorstep delivieries, or to out houses. A small fee of £7.50 is charged for the removal and disposal of packaging. 
  • We can dispose of your old appliance if we can pick it up from your doorstep. Please call us to discuss the charge for this. 

From all of us at Wellingtons Electricals:

Thank you for your continued support

We are fulfilling all orders for delivery until 25th March 2020.


It is with a heavy heart that I must close Wellingtons Electrical online shop and showrooms for the next three weeks, in accordance with the Government's instruction.

We have endeavoured to meet all our commitments and fulfill orders. It is an extremely difficult time and we must make the health and safety of both staff and customers our priority. 

With immediate effect, we will cease to take any more online orders. We will always try to help our customers and would like you to call us on 01322 344 100 if we can help in any way. If we can, we will.

We always want your home to run smoothly, never more so than at this time. If we can help with advice, product troubleshooting, or discuss kitchen and appliance needs, we would be very happy to hear from you.

There are extraordinary times. Difficult and challenging. But overcoming those difficulties and rising to the challenge will only serve to make us a stronger, better team. 

Thank you to all our customers for your loyalty, custom and continued support.

With very best wishes

Andrew Wellington and all the Wellington's team. 


In light of the Government's announcement we have closed our showrooms with immediate effect. 

The guidelines encourage online retailers to remain trading. This means that at this time we are still receiving deliveries from our suppliers, we can take orders by telephone and via our website, and we can still deliver to our customers. 

We are able to continue to offer our free, local delivery service. After an order is placed, we will call you to arrange a delivery time, and any installation/removal requirements you have. We will always do our best to meet them, but it may not be possible in every case. On the day delivery is due, you will receive a pre-delivery phone call. We will need to establish the circumstances of your household at that time, and whether anyone is self-isolating with symptoms, or if iself-solating due to age, vulnerability or pregnancy.  Every delivery will be discussed and adjusted accordingly. We may need to delivery to your doorstep or out building if you have symptoms. If we enter your property to deliver, we ask our staff and all customers to exercise social distancing and maintain a distance of two metres at all times. 

We are prioritising the needs of the elderly, vulnerable, key workers, NHS employees and emergency services workers. 

We are in constant contact with our suppliers, however the impact of these measures, together with border closures, is unknown. Taking each day as it comes, we are continually reviewing our policies and procedures. We will inform you as soon as possible if we need to change your order or delivery for any reason. 

We are protecting the health and safety of both our staff and customers, while we remain committed to providing the same high level of customer care as ever. 

With our very best wishes,

Andrew Wellington and the Wellingtons team.

For the health and safety of all our staff we are strictly adhering to the guidelines issued by the Government.

What are we doing to protect staff and customers?

Thorough hand washing remains the most effective measure, we have also:

  • Increased deep cleaning in branches, warehouses and our vehicle fleet
  • Sanitise card machines after each transaction
  • Carry out social distancing, keeping a safe distance from customers and colleagues.

We continue to offer free, local delivery. As usual, we will contact you after you have placed an order (online, over the phone) and arrange delivery and installation if required. We will discuss what you need, and if you would like no contact delivery, please let us know. Please advise us at this time if any members of your household are unwell, or if you are self-isolating.

Wellingtons Electricals continue to support our local community, and by working together we can minimise the impact of this on everyone. We encourage you to keep in touch with us (and all local, independent retailers) by telephone, online, or by email. We are still able to offer no obligation advice, support and help, and will continue to serve our customers and local area at this uncertain time.